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Jill von Bueren is a writer and digital marketing professional with a passion for storytelling across all mediums.


Currently residing in Zurich, Switzerland, Jill knows how important strong digital communication strategies are across the globe. From producing breaking news articles for regional newspapers to building a digital fan base of more than 1 million for an international sports organization, she has helped companies and professionals realize the potential of social media through engaging content.

Jill has developed online communities through branded storytelling, by evolving best-of-class industry blogs and building ambassador programs with prominent social media influencers. She has also led multiple teams of freelancers as a Managing Editor in a digital newsroom structures.

A journalism degree has given Jill a great stepping stone for her career, but it’s her continued passion for learning – whether it’s a new language or ever-evolving online marketing strategies – that continually help drive her future and help others reach their professional goals.

A native English speaker originally from Seattle, Jill also speaks Swiss German and French. She has certifications in social media marketing through Hootsuite Academy and creative writing through Stanford University.


“Jill has a knack for recognizing the potential of a great story. She's driven by gathering facts, finding true emotion and weaving them together to create something powerful. She's a self-starter, not afraid to take command and provide leadership among her peers.” 

—  Kirsten Christensen, Reporter - Komo News


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