Project Management

Conceptualize, develop and carry out branded digital engagement campaign to spread brand awareness, drive product sales and spark social change.

Digital Content Production

Direct live-video production for daily vlog to ensure brand consistency, create video and photographs for secondary campaign visuals.

Customer Liason

Represent brand on-site at events to showcase products, provide purchasing information and drive engagement on social platforms. 

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Engagement Campaigns



The Here to Hear Tour was a month-long cross-country road trip aimed to to shatter stigmas and raise awareness about hearing loss through the power of laughter. For the month of October 2017, deaf comedian and Phonak brand ambassador D.J. Demers traveled to 20 universities - from California to New York - giving free comedy shows to students and sharing experiences of living with hearing loss. 

The entire journey was documented with daily vlogs on YouTube, with support from Vayner Media, as well as regular behind-the-scenes updates on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. 

Personal Role and Responsibilities 

Daily vlogs  

Results and Reactions 

I can be myself

— Lauren, student at Yale University

"As a hard-of-hearing student who spends 99% of her time hiding her disability it was wonderful to get the chance to let my guard down and connect with someone else who has many of the same experiences as me."

Kirsten Brackett

Making an Impact >

Digital engagement campaigns can be anything from an online contest to a #hashtag initiative, but what's most important is that it unites people around a common interest or experience, and ideally, creates a trend. Successful brand engagement campaigns encourages both loyal fans and new customers to engage in the content, as well as develop a personal connection to the mission.

Developing engagement campaigns rooted in social change can engage consumers on a deeper level and foster long-term loyalty. An example of this is the Here to Hear Tour, which I developed for hearing aid company Phonak, to spread awareness of free technology resources available to university students, and open up a wider conversation about hearing loss among youths.

Selected Examples 

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