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Local hip-hop duo makes sweet beats about Seattle ice cream shop


Seattle, Washington, October 3, 2012 -When local hip-hop duo Brothers From Another write their lyrics, they almost always reference something about Seattle.


Rainier Beer, Dick’s Drive-In and Mad Pizza have been named-dropped in their lyrics before, but their most recent ode to Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream has brought on a new relationship between the musicians and local business, which has helped create a Seattle summer anthem.


Twenty-something’s Cole Deleon Jones and Isaiah Sneed, from South Seattle and the Central District respectively, say they didn’t mean for the song titled “Molly Moon’s,” to be commercial. They just rap about the things they know.


“We don’t do that much cool stuff,” Jones says, as he laughs and takes a bite of Molly Moon’s seasonal pear sorbet. “I think from our music people can get the idea that we’re not healthy. A lot of pizza, a lot of cheap beer, a lot of ice cream – we need to collaborate with Whole Foods next.”


Reluctantly, they both admit the song developed through past dates at the Capitol Hill shop.


“It was actually my ex-girlfriend who brought me to Molly Moon’s first,” Sneed says. “I was honestly like look; I don’t want to pay $10 on ice cream. I’m going to buy you a cone… I have to buy myself a cone, it’s like 10 bucks. But then we went and I loved it, and I always wanted to go here after that.”


Just like the cliché of soothing heartbreaks through pints of ice cream, the duo used their experiences to produce the upbeat, catchy, wholesome summer song that immediately caught shop owner Molly Moon Neitzel’s attention.


“When Cole emailed me the song he said, ‘This is just basically about how there’s nothing better than taking a nice girl to a Molly Moon’s shop on a hot Seattle summer day,’” Neitzel  says. “It just made me think about how this is why I started Molly Moon’s – to be a community gathering place and a place where people want to take someone they love, or have a crush on or care about.”


Neitzel says she and everyone in her office started jumping up and down when they first listened to the song, which also features Thig Nat of The Physics and Geo from the Blue Scholars. She immediately emailed Jones back, eventually offering to help fund some of the video, and gave BFA access to the shop, ice cream truck and even Parker, the English Bulldog who graces the shop’s sign, during production.


“It was a great opportunity for me to support artists who I am impressed with,” says Neitzel, who holds the music industry close to her heart, after previously running the nonprofit, Music for America, and being married to a former record producer.

BFA says it was Neitzel’s support that helped make “Molly Moon’s,” the most fun project they’ve done.


“We felt like real rappers,” Jones says. “Well, maybe not rappers. This has kind of taken away from our street cred.”



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